Wednesday, 4 January 2012

WOYWW - Hello 2012

I do hope everyone had a splendid Christmas. I actually managed to stay up this year and see in the New Year with my husband, parents and some long standing friends. Too much food has been consumed. Too much food is left over still, especially chocolate :) 

My desk has no crafting on it, I have just finished moving a bookcase downstairs so that I have somewhere to store my sewing and crafting things when not in use - still can't find my black Pitt pens sure they will turn up eventually - maybe I need to hunt for something else? What I do have to show you is most lovely and delightful.  The Fork in the centre is for you Donna - the promised battery spaghetti fork. The rest is what I found when I opened up my not so Secret Santa present from Donna :)

A special Donna journal, it is full of much loveliness. There are lots random pictures below if you want to see. Ideas, suggestions, bit of stash, new ways to do things and spaces for me to fill in. Utterly delightful. I feel so very lucky to have such inspiration in my life. 

There will be crafting and creating I have signed up to Darcy's 52 postcards challenge (click for more) and plans to sew at least a top, a pair of trousers, a bag and a cover for a chair.................. I also want to have a go at book binding. World lobster.........

So you can stay a little longer and drool over the contents of my journal (mine, mine, mine) or you can hop straight on over though the WOYWW link on the right and see how all the other desks are looking this first week in to 2012.


Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi there, Happy 2012 also, and am loving the things in the surprise esp the mesh so pretty, thanks so much for sharing. Happy WOYWW! Love, Shaz in Oz. x #24

Annie said...

Happy 2012 to you too. Hope you have many many happy creative hours in the year ahead.
A x

jude said...

Loving the journal .Happy 2012 hope it's happy ,Healthy and Creative
hugs judex 10

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Lucky you, what a fab journal!! Have fun filling it up with all your ideas and inspiration :D Yay, you've got a sewing machine, sounds like a trip to Kissco would be a fab idea!! You've got to keep up with the trends, at least that's my excuse :)
Happy New Year!
Hugs, LLJ #34 xx

Carmen said...

I stayed to drool :D Gorgeous journal! Happy 1st WOYWW of 2012. I'm going to play today! Don't fall off your chair in shock :D

Neet said...

Revolving spaghetti fork? Whatever will they invent next?
Next door has two cats and they come to us at least twice daily to be fed (yes, we buy food for neighbours cats) but it doesn't put our birds off. Thank goodness.
Thanks for sharing - Neet #1

May said...

love the journal, happy creative 2012, Hugs May x x x

L00py's Craft Creations said...

Oh lucky you, no wonder you wont share!!



April said...

Happy New Year! Wow great journal, I can see why you love it! Good luck with the "pens hunt" x April #82

Twiglet said...

Hope 2012 brings lots of time for craty creativeness! x Jo

butlersabroad said...

Lovely new journal, lucky you, no wonder you want to show it off to us! Have a wonderful crafty year and I hope you reach your crafting goals.

Brenda 76

Ann B said...

Lucky you, not only a fab journal from Donna but a revolving fork as well. In the words of my Grandson ' how cool is that?'
Ann B

Princess Judy Palmer said...

That journal is wonderful, you are indeed lucky to have such a great friend. I'm not sure about the spaghetti fork though. I think I could get into trouble with that.

505whimsygirl said...

You lucky girl! The journal is very nice - lots of inspiration there!


Doone said...

fabulous forking batman

Do IT,

and keep doing it,

and whilst you are doing all else will melt away...

Luke and Adam were 3 when they climbed their first mountains with us, they have, from the age of a few months, been carried around art galleries and museums in backpacks and tummy slings, they went every week to the poor mans zoo ( the fish for sale in the garden centre), they visited every church ( best art for free) in the world wherever we went.

Now in their late teens early twenties-

they walk every where, they see everything, they know how to have a good time for free,

they can tell who the artist is and the genre at a glance and without effort and don't understand people who have nothing on their walls or pay vast sums of money for stuff and stay miserable.

So...go get the galleries with little big man, he should have been doing them for years by now...


fairy thoughts said...

great journal, lucky girl, donna is very talented. But I'm sorry there is no such thing as 'left over chocolate' !!!! LOL
have a good week
janet #27

MaggieC said...

Thanks for showing us that lovely journal. So much to look at apart from that as well. By the way, I have only managed to get all the way round twice in 18 months. I visit anyone who visits me, all my usual regulars (like you) and a few more who may become regulars. I love reading what others are doing so thank you for your visit and for sharing with us. xx Maggie #73

Anonymous said...

Happy Wednesday :D
Dr dott.

Hazel said...

What a wonderful journal to receive (Hazel, WOYWW 108) x

Enfys said...

A great first crafty peep of the year. Happy new year!

Sheena said...

The journal looks fantastic! I will definitely try to stay a bit longer this year!

Happy woyww!


JoZart said...

You join the privileged few!! I too own a Doone Journal... aren't we lucky and the art continues as we add our own treasures and findings to it.
Happy Creative New Year
Much love joZarty x

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh my word that journal is something else huh? Bet you are one chuffed Womble! Moving furniture and signing up to stuff already, sounds like your mind is already set on your crafty year - may it be a very fulfilling one!

lisa said...

Happy 2012. Sounds like you saw it in in perfect style. Not sure about all this moving furniture though, sounds like far too much hard work.
Your Doone journal is just gorgeous, what a lovely gift to recieve.
Hugs Lisax #112

Katie said...

That journal is wonderful! Have a fantastic new year!

Katie #81

Tracey Fletcher KIng said...

That journal looks amazing and thanks so much for sharing... love that meshy stuff too... happy WOYWW...xx

Anne said...

Hello my first visit to your Blog i think. Your journal looks great. Thanks for sharing and a Happy and Creative New Year. Anne x