Friday, 20 July 2012

Rocking Your World Friday

Here we are again :)

Gratefully time so let's see

Making and baking with my son, grateful he is happy to do these things with me, we made a sponge cake, single layer and topped with fondant icing then drizzled with a cocoa icing mix. The theory was to imitate Mr Kipling angel slices the reality was T ate the icing and I ate the cake (he hoovers all of the Mr K cake..........) later in the week we made chocolate biscuits with white chocolate filling (heading towards Oreos) he wouldn't even touch those. Grateful therefore my husband is back and the goodies get shared.

Finally doing something! other than baking, creative. Finished the penguin pincushion I started in February.........

Although the general consensus in Coventry is that pins should not be allowed to enter it...........

The sun coming out on Tuesday for a few hours meaning we got to the park - and the slide is wide enough for adults to go down :D

That I had a few nights decent sleep and felt refreshed because the last 3 nights have been pants

For lastminute dot com for having an overnight spa break deal including bed and breakfast for £65 2 for 1, back massages booked roll on 19th August!

For the idea of a girls night out involving cocktails in Kenilworth to look forward to at some point in the future.

Right that'll do time to post, hope I have figured out how to post photo's using blogsy and check out the other Rockettes, always starting with Virginia at Celtic House, the beginning :)


Friday, 13 July 2012

Rocking Your World Friday

Baa baa lost sheep looking to return to the fold. Friday seemed an excellent day to get back in the swing of things especially when my crafting mojo is taking a while to rev up again. So here we go:

I am very grateful first off to have survived May and June. Earning the majority of our yearly income in 2 months is never going o be an easy task. I always pay for it o am week or 2 but no permanent harm done and mission accomplished.I am grateful for all my bloggy friends who forgive my absence and are still willing to chat and let me back in when I do re-emerge.

I am grateful for the friends who help pick me up when I am left alone with Timothy while my dh travels far and wide to conferences and for job interviews. Proud and grateful of my dear son who starts school in September (probably) for making me laugh, challenging me everyday and for waking me up at 5:30 with Where's daddy is he not back yet.......

Grateful and excited by the new fabric called Fox hollow by monoluna which is getting my crafting mojo to peek out from wherever it is hiding.

Proud of my tutee who I home schooled for just over 2 years in science and maths who really knuckled down in the last 2 months and now we wait nervously for August and to see if she has the grades for her college course.

Very thankful for the school holidays that mean I can take a few weeks break from tutoring.

Grateful for brilliant athletes. I didn't watch the end of the Andy Murray match because Timothy was asking me to read him stories and getting annoyed when I got distracted by the tennis then I would get cross so I took the tennis out of the equation. I can't imagine being one of the best in the world the at anything, I hope he does win Wimbledon one day I am sure he can.

Grateful for the seaside. I will go and visit some, somewhere, before this excuse of a summer is over.

I think that will do a wide and varied list me thinks........Happy Friday :)