Wednesday, 13 October 2010

WOYWW 71 - thank goodness for daylight lamps

It is officially dark now when I get up in the morning and my early morning crafting habit would be impossible were it not for my lovely daylight lamp.  We have an estate agent, no board as yet. The best friends a girl could ever hope for came over Sunday and helped us clear the bramble patch which is our excuse for a garden. I am doing lots of crafting it is a diversionary technique as I have an interview tomorrow for a senior marking position at AQA and without it the money to do crafting will be scarce.  To the workdesk I hear you cry enough of the waffle.
The more eagled eyed among you will spot the changes.......... Did some rationalising last week, having decided for the present what type of crafter I want to be (that is still many different forms). I'm currently enjoying making my own albums so I guess I'm part book binder at the moment :) Have a lovely Wednesday and a splendid week.  Visit many more desks starting with Julias over at the Stamping Ground, see the WOYWW link on the right for an all absorbing never ending joy ride :)

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

WOYWW 70 - working some grunge

Morning - ever had one of those nights when something wakes you up and you can't go back to sleep and your mind starts a working, but you think it'll be ok I'll go back off in a minute. Then 4 hours later when you finally get off something else wakes you up. Finally at some hour much earlier than you want your baby boy (read toddler) decides he is ready to go and you just know that you should have got up and done something for a an hour or so and you probably would have got more sleep - those nights anyone?
My workspace is not very occupied, mostly we have decided to try and sell our flat so I am dealing with estate agents and I have been watching craft stuff not doing,..........  BUT I do have lots of goodies to show you that I made at Artian on Saturday - 2 of them courtesey of the lovely ladies at Paperartsy who had me all star struck - hello lovely ladies.

 I may have made a couple of purchases to..................
If you want to see lots of properly active desks in action then hop on over to Julia - see the link on the right hand side for WOYWW, there is always plenty going on and if you've got an hour or 10 you meet some lovely people on the way :)

Friday, 1 October 2010

Ring ring

Ok for those lovely 2 of you that have been with me from nearly the word go this will be less of a surprise, for the rest of you well........

When I'm not masquerading as a crafty person I occasionally get roped into cakes - it started with my sister and her boys and my son in the last couple of years.  If you scan back right to the beginning in July you will find my pirate ship and rocket creations.  My mum's friend describes my cakes as unique / original and asked for a phone cake - it was very difficlut to do, largely because there is nowhere to hide - and we crafters do like being able to disguise that ink smudge or paint splodge.  Still the recipient was delighted and gave me more money than was asked for so thumbs up all round: