Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Oh Gosh has it been that long?

Hello everyone - I'm still here I've been doing the mountain and valley thing emotionally since we moved at the beginning of February.  Things are so much better now (nice neighbours for a start).  It has been an entertaining catalogue of disasters too though - nothing I wouldn't take over the last nearly 6 years of my life though :D

The day we moved in the washing machine and fridge/freezer packed up (took 2 weeks to sort the first and a month to properly sort the latter). At this point the shower stopped being able to turn itself off so we had the landlord round at 9:30 at night trying to locate the stop tap (it was hidden behind a panel - at least he did the bashing - I'd already had my fill but more about that later.  Then the next day the boiler packed up (and it was still pretty chilly at the beginning of March.  Still we have shiney new replacements of most things and only the cooker left to pack up (so far it seems pretty solid - touchwood).

Timothy has been delighted with our new place and settled in straight away. He sleeps through the night and everything now :D The instant relaxing of his parents has been attributed towards this.  He delights all by taking them up to show them his bedroom when they visit.  He has, however, been rebelling about the amount of time mummy is spending unpacking and building furniture etc so we have had a number of 'exciting' incidents to deal with, from flour over the floor (makes pretty patterns mind you)

That was the first week, then there was the sanitary products floating in the bath that was 3/4 full.  Followed by the spreading of shredded paper through the whole of downstairs.  The locking of himself and a friend in one of the bedrooms - that would be the door banging part -I had to smash a door panel to get them out (then the shower packed up later that day...........), still need to replace that.  This week we ended up with a bottle of salad cream emptied over the railway tracks and all over the livingroom floor.  Got to love them though right :D

Crafting has largely taken a back seat - there is only so much a girl can do in one day and still need to finish sorting the craft / office space.  There have been a couple of cake decorating moments though:

A couple of scrapbooking classes and I've dug my stamping stuff out and did a trial run for creating mothers day cards.  I've also been trying my hand at gardening the last few days and I managed to remove a very nasty prickly thing and dig over the whole border, next I need to create again :)
border before
Border after