Friday, 13 January 2012

Rocking Your World Friday

Hello fellow rockettes. I feel like January is running away already!  here we are though for another:

Last Friday was a lovely day we were visited by my husbands brother, wife and 3 kids who were between Northampton and Cardiff before returning to Glasgow. Their youngest is 3 weeks younger than T so he always has fun. They also left Christmas presents in their wake (n.b. there is a limit to the number of times you can watch Cars2........)

Friday was also a double whammy with posts from this here lovely and select cool gang! and then Darcy's postcard challenge. I guess like many people it is always lovely to have other people enjoy something you have made or put together. People's comments always make me smile - so a big thank you to anyone who leaves me a little missive. I think that I am going to enjoy a number of the stories that will develop. Also I never really considered but I realise that my world will also open  up with all the different ways people approach the challenge both artistically and in writing. WOW

Tuesday I smiled a lot (if you don't have kids look away from this one, otherwise I reckon you'll be a nodding along). We had out first poo in the potty - yeh (We have had a couple of false starts with the de-nappying last year. But he was told it was going to happen on Saturday and we counted down on the calender .) he has been brilliant - very proud of my little fella.

Wednesday I smiled because I had 2 lovely little envelopes. I love getting things in the snail mail - I'm not even that fussy as long as it is from a human being (not a bill or circular). The first was a pack of stamps from Darcy, she entered all the people who linked up last week into a random generator (not as pretty as Carmens :D) and I was one of those selected. The pack contained some stamps, air mail stickers, photo corners and this beautiful drawn postcard:

The second package was also special. Over Christmas one of my whats on your workdesk wedneday posts included a brief post on a cake I was making. I was asked by Jozarty for the recipe and she was quite delighted.  So much so that in a little giveaway where she had asked for people's Christmas traditions she chose to give me a choice of her made pendants to say thank you for starting a new tradition in her family :) I gave a selection and was quite delighted when this little beauty turned up (with a little bag of crafting goodies too!):

So all in all my friends I can't complain (apart from the lack of sleep and the heavily dependent husband who had an interview yesterday and he is like a bear with a sore head for a week or 2  before one (and he becomes very insular so muggins has to pick up everything else) he has a job but is looking for a permanent lectureship he has had a lot of interviews bless him). It's good to remember the things that have made me smile through my bleary eyes!  Thanks Virginia for the inspiration to do this. Hope you all have a good one this week x.


Virginia said...

Morning Wendy - an awesome post from you this week. It certainly sounds like a busy week with plenty of positives. I too agree with you on the blog side of things opening up worlds, interacting with other people that in normal life we wouldn't get chance to get to know - it's always so lovely, and gifts from others - so very special!

I too can just about recollect the potty training phase and knowing what a relief it is when you know they are starting to get what is expected - so WTG for making progress.

Will keep fingers and toes crossed for DH and his interview.

I hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend.


Joanna said...

That necklace is beautiful, lucky you! The postcard challenge has been a real eye opener, hasn't it? There's such talent and imagination out there. Congrats on winning those stamps!

Sounds like a good week (including potty event), and I'll keep my fingers crossed for the bear!


K said...

Well done little one for using the potty!!!!
Beautiful neacklace, always lovely to receive little surprises/gifts

Sarah said...

Ooooh - nice things arriving in the post, always good!

and woohoo for the potty poop :)

Sabrina said...

Sounds like a good week. I feel like we are crossing paths everywhere all of a sudden. Here, Postcard Challenge, and I think Pinterest too! Where will I see you next?


Carmen said...

I love that you scheduled the poop! That just tickles me no end.

And my Random Generator. Well, I think she is pretty much and original and one off. I was lucky to get her! :P

Love this post, I agree about blogging. I've learnt so much not just about art and techniques but about myself too! Ooh how deep is that!

Have a good week, try and get some kip! x x x

SusieJ said...

Wendy - that sounds like a lovely week (potty training included! although I don't remember much about it - the boy is 22 now - lol!)
Gorgeous necklace - it is fun to get snail mail..:)
Hugs xx
p.s. totally with you on repeated viewings - in our case it was "Thomas the Tank Engine".