Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Return of the indeterminate crafting womble

Hello again. How is everyone? needed an excuse to visit again and today seemed a good a day as any. We have been in our new place for just over 3 months and it took me until the end of last week to finish getting the craft room sorted........ A combination of being on an adrenalin (I don't care if it is grammatically incorrect it sounds better to me) fuelled emotional high for 6 weeks after we moved in followed by 4 weeks low then high, low, high, low oh yes and the tansforming of my garden from nothing to productive! - mostly portable so we can take it with us when dh gets the long awaited permanent lectureship thing that he really deserves - although not the proper established one because that has to involve living by the sea and none of the current chances offer this. Anywhoo I have a desk and mostly I have somewhere to put everything (hurrah yay) or possibly not enough stuff.......... ;)

So crafting has been little and sparse, mostly stamping because it is small and highly portable. There was a new addition to my storage crafting space shown below a final treat before the drawing in of the coffers (unsurprisingly the flat is still unsold despite its bargain price tag.......).

There are a number of projects still on the go go and once the exam marking and moderating season has ended (that would be the growing (and still growing) piles scattered about) and the garden is maturing nicely the rains shall be picked up once more. So much to do and so little time. Of course it would help if the dear chiil stopped waking me up in the earlier hours of the morning (it is 4am as I write this) he was fast asleep 5 secs after he was returned to his own bed that was well over an hour a go. Oh well on the plus side it is my birthday today :)