Friday, 20 January 2012

Rocking my World Friday

Hello Friday people :)

There is something a building - it will be revealed next week but the start of the happiness happened this week :)

Saturday I made someone else's world, my sister came over with her two lads (5 and 7) they were fed lunch and dinner and Susan sat in a chair and read a good book (passed on from me) all afternoon - what more can a mum ask for in life eh! no cooking, no clearing up!

Out for an adventure on Sunday with the little fella (potty in a bag) didn't want to go down the park so we walked to Coventry's main train station, caught the train to our local station (they are about the same walking distance) then wondered home. My husband and I shared one of those moments you know them. The scene - child in pants doing ritual clutch of self as need to pee becomes stronger, child also holding on to toy cow he has taken with him on the trip. Husband 'where's Timothy's cow?', Me - 'he is clutching it along with himself - please don't let that become a euphemism' - husband 'no because we don't want to milk it'..........................

Monday I had the satisfaction of starting to sort our front room, everything got dumped up there over Christmas and my MIL is coming to stay mid February (this is a good thing we get on very well), so the great sort out commenced. It also involves sorting out some of T baby things to pass on to friends of ours who are expecting there first child at the end of March.

Wednesday was a good posty day. I found out Monday that I had won a friends blog competition by rightly guessing 88 (we had been given clues relating to years, and I am my friends a child of the 80s (not born then good gosh no) but I got into to music and films and books between 82 and 88 (then gave up on the music and went backwards to 70s, 60s and 50s!). Anyway she was sending me 'a little something' for getting it right..............

All made by Annie herself, the card was brilliant to start with, the picture is amazing but my favourite is Cyril the bear (complete with adoption certificate :)

Then Thursday was another good day, You know the old adage if you don't ask you don't get? well I went for barefaced cheek and asked a blogger friend who I know sews a lot if they would mind sending me some fabric scraps (for practise, for appliqué work and general making). She was most obliging and this was what greeted me :)

It is brilliant as I wouldn't buy pink because well frankly I don't like the colour but it doesn't mean it won't work well in some things and other people (madness I tell you) do seem to like the colour?  I have signed up to a zippy pouch swap and now I know I'm good to go!

Hope you have a had a good week to , Seems I've had something positive to reflect on most days (plus no accidents for T all week!); Head on over to Virginia's the lovely lady at the Celtic House who started this splendid focus on the good in our lives because it's out there and sometimes you don't have to dig very deep at all :)


Annie said...

What a lovely post Wendy. Your little man is doing so well.....mine was dry in shorts by about 2 1/2 but he used to have accidents if he wore trousers! :-)
A x
ps so lovely to see familiar goodies on your desk :-)

Virginia said...

Ah Sweetie - what an awesome post - you've had a great week! Glad all is going well on the potty training front!

Love the blog candy you won - the adoption certificate being simply genius and good for you asking if a friend had some fabric for you to play with - I'm sure you'll have great fun with that! I still haven't made a proper start on reading the book let alone starting to experiment - but I will.

I hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend.


BadPenny said...

Bloggers can be so great can't they ? Lovely to win a Blog prize. So long ago now had the potty problem but hopefully will have it again with grand children one day in the future ( the far future ! )

Sarah said...

Walking distance from Cov train station? We must have almost been neighbours once upon a time, then. I went to Warwick Uni and then spent 12 years in Coventry, living first in Radford and then in Cheylesmore. I still go up there from time to time to visit friends or to see the Blaze play at the Skydome.

The little train journey sounds fun – all little boys love trains :) Nowadays we live near a train track and used to spend lots of time up on the bridge with my son when he was a toddler waving at the train drivers, they usually toot and wave back.

If you need any fabric scraps in colours other than pink, let me know, and I can make you up a little bundle.

K said...

"Milk it" groan, oh dear, lol
The train journey/walk sounds lovely, wish I could do similar as my son loves trains.
Congrats on your win & what a lovely friend to send you that pile of fabric. I'm not a pink fan either ... except for cerise on my hair, I know, doesnt make sense to me either **shrugs**

SusieJ said...

Groaning at the pun!!
What a lovely week you've had - gorgeous parcels (I too think the adoption certificate is inspired!) and bloggers are very generous people I've found - can't wait to see what you do with the scraps of fabric!
Have a great weekend.
Hugs xx
p.s. I am in no hurry to relive potty training with!

Joanna said...

Fun train trip, I bet your little boy loved it. Lovely prize from your bloggy friend - and lovely fabric from your other bloggy friend - YAY for bloggy friends!

Have a great weekend,


Sam said...

What a great week you have had and such a wonderful sister to give your sister a little break! Your blog candy looks great and the little bear is so sweet. What are you going to make with your lovely fabric?
Hope you have a great week x

Carmen said...

I love that you asked and you got! That makes me smile a lot :)

You've had a fabulous week, have loved reading this. I was way out with my original guessing of 50 something on that comp then :P

What a fabulous sister you are too. I s the happiness what i think it is? Ooh I do hope so!