Friday, 30 December 2011

Rocking Your World Friday

Hello *wave* this is my first time joining in:

There is a logical reason for my being here but more about that in a little while.

So what has been good in my life this last week.

First there was Christmas Eve into Christmas Day it all went really well. Why should this rock my world well........The last few times my family have got together my friends it hasn't been pretty, accusations,  crying blah blah blah. There were threats made (by me) and it was just lovely., everyone was on the their best behaviour and a good time was had by all.

My husband  - he made my musical world.  A few years ago in one of those 3 months in your life when it all just goes wrong, I was just leaving Sheffield and my flat was burgled. They took many things including A - S of my very extensive (400 +) CD collection.  In that collection was The Bluetones albumn - 'Last Chance Saloon'. Now my copy had been a limited edition complete with cardboard saloon doors. A couple of years ago my mum tried to get me a copy with the result it was being reprinted and 2 years later still nada. This year my lovely husband got hold of the electronic copy and recorded onto CD so he could 'give' it to me for Christmas :)

My little toddler fella. This Christmas he asked for a battery turning electric spaghetti fork and was quite delighted when Santa delivered. This is the first year he has got the hang of Christmas  and presents so it has been very special :)

Which leads me neatly on to the reactions of the two people who I made secret santa gifts for . I always think it can be a tad risky making (and sometimes even buying things). I love making things and when the person who receives them is delighted it makes life just well splendid quite frankly! Which is why I am a here, as part of my secret Santa stalking was involved and I loved the idea of this post, so with all revealed and out in the open here I am!

Which jumps nicely into the beautiful journal I received as one of secret Santa's from Doone - I haven't blogged it yet, I am still finding my way around all its gorgeousness, but I will do soon.......

So thanks for having me. it has of course been an odd week with all the festivities and we had an open house party today so my crafting has been at zero or less but I have plans a foot oh yes big plans my friend. Have a good one and I'll 'see'  you next Friday.


Joanna said...

Hurrah, a new Friday Rocker! Great to read your positive list. It's so good to hear Christmas was argument-free, that's what Christmas should be all about, eh?

Awwwww, an electric spaghetti fork - cute or what?! I bet it's fun watching him try and eat spaghetti with it!

Carmen's Secret Santa was great fun, wasn't it? Looking forward to seeing Doone's journal.......

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2012. See you Rocking next year!


Sabrina said...

This was my first Rocking Week also. I'm happy to get a chance to know a little about you and the other Rockettes this coming year!

Doone said...

glad you like it, I can't remember what I did now, I made yours first and then made so many other gifts it will be a surprise to me to see it again!

Please can the spaghetti fork be on your desk one weds?


Virginia said...

Ah Welcome to the Rockettes - how fabulous to finish 2011 with not one new Rockette but two!!! Your gifts were awesome, still sat admiring the mini book and I used the Celtic Stamp last night on a layout - will share later!! I'm glad your Christmas turned out argument free - I agree with Joanne if there is ever a time to be argument free - Christmas is definitely is!!!! The spaghetti fork sounds awesome - isn't it great when kids start to 'get' Christmas in that sense!!! I hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend and look forward to future rocking posts in 2012


Carmen said...

Yay! You joined us! Whoo! Whoo!

What an incredibly thoughtful pressie from hubby! Can't wait to see your Secret Santy gifts too :D

Big hugs!