Wednesday, 28 September 2011

WOYWW - the indeterminate table and a whole load of blank canvasesesesessss

No news is good news that's it isn't it. We are still waiting for the surveyor to go into the flat on behalf of the person buying it (one week and waiting) other than that all is ok, oh yes and the perspective buyer doesn't want to hand over their solicitor details until they know that they have a mortgage........ so it's a waiting game.  That one is less hard than the other one my family and I are playing we are waiting at the moment as my 25 year old cousin is in hospital and under maximum sedation following a massive brain haemorraugh at the beginning of last week. No one knows yet if it will be ok, ok given time and extensive therapy or if it is already over.  That aside really can't complain I have a table of indeterminate purpose for you this week - see:

It is a canvas of blankness awaiting opportunity and time.  There are all the lovely fabrics I washed the other week - but look I now have the threads and some extra bobbins so I can start bag crafting.  Then there are a couple of my other Christmas projects - clear plastic baubles and a puzzle maker. Next to that there are some glass painting pens for another idea in my head. Then lastly are the 3 nesting boxes that I made the last couple of nights - based on an idea over on the graphic 45 website from a project that Laura Denison did.  They are blank canvases too waiting to be created on - was looking at my pile of Lavinia Stamps for inspiration (and to see which other ones I really really need  want!). Starting next Monday I have a run of 3 or 4 weeks where I won't be tutoring (due to late holidays) and Timothy is in nursery I am hoping to be a hive of activity for 2 days a week. 

So how are you anyway?  Want to see lots of exciting desks - hop on over to Julia's place (vis the WOYWW widget on the right and discover a desk or 2 or 150 that are waiting for  a good nose.  Now put the kettle on I am looking for distractions.........

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

WOYWW - Onwards and upwards

Thanks for all the lovely words and support for last week.  I'm on better form this week, mainly for being proactive rather than reactive.  Nothing exciting to report but no bad news either just keepin' everything crossed.  End of last week (literally Friday), I finally got my butt in gear and washed all the fabric that I have been hording: (it's pretty :)

At last I have a desk to show you (well actually it is back to the table of indeterminate purpose) - mainly because cutting fabric requires floor space and I needed somewhere to iron to.  

Resplendent with all my Argos value equipment (don't knock it, it's cheap and it works).  I have created my first piece of sewing in 20 years. It's got a couple of obvious mistakes, but it will do what it needs to and I learnt a lot.  I'm sure the recipient will forgive me the dodgy stitching and all that makes it unique.  By the time I get round to the last stitched bag as a Christmas gift I'm sure I'll be a pro.  Now to knock the paper-crafting into touch too.

For more desks of indeterminate purpose as well as most definitely dedicated for purpose desks press the WOYWW widget on the right and find friends, inspiration and just well good company dammit.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

WOYWW - gosh someone got out the wrong side this morning

Hello everyone.

I am having a grumps day, do you get those? I'm sure it will all pass soon.(post holiday blues? we had a nice time in Scotland last week catching up with family) .    Timothy and I are home alone for a week and a half (with a days respite in the middle).  Motivation for everything has hit a low point. I really must get round to the washing up, and sorting the garden and up the stairs looks like a bomb has gone off.  Then that depressing moment where you have been doing everything right - your calories are under control, you've exercised and for no sensible reason you are heavier this morning than last night (oh I know there are lots of splendid explanations from water retention due to periods, muscle gain - don't weight yourself everyday - its Wii fits fault it says I should take the body test everyday - why I should listen to it when I ignore rational people I don't know.....) still it puts a gloom over everything.  There is a part of me that thinks if I just do some every day then there will be plenty of time to do the things I want to do - but then I forget I have a child who is being incredibly demanding at the moment - which is OK he is allowed to be he is only wee after all. But golly it is draining on energy.  Then the internet thing - does anyone else lose time (I mean masses of it - like hours in one go because you start looking for something - in this case material and then the next thing you know it is dinner time and you have done nada?

So crafting - I have a plan - bags, I got a book and the fabric is one the way I also want to have a go at clothes but figure bags are one up form cushion covers (my only previous sewing experience) and therefore a good interim stop.  Also will make excellent christmas gifts when they turn out all splendid (see optimism appearing already!).  I'm sure I could be getting on with papercrafting projects but every evening by the time I get the boy down I am ready to curl up myself.  Then there is the worrying - someone is interested in the flat and wants to go back and look again - but knowing our luck it will be one time to many the evil neighbour will appear and we will still have that bloody flat for ever and ever.

Right so creativity at the moment nil - there were days when I happily crafted away these are from last year for a competition entry that went no-where - I liked them though - Cosmo Cricket.

Ok no promises next week - but who knows the flat may be on its way to someone else, I may be lighter still and I might just have made my first bag...............

So press the WOYWW button and head on over to The Stamping Ground - most people are no where near as grumpy promise.......