Friday, 6 January 2012

Rocking My World Friday

Hello 2012 - I even managed to write the correct year when signing something this week! So what has been making me smile this week?

At the beginning of the week there was New Year. I managed to stay up until 12:30 - first-time in a long time. Watching my parents and their oldest friends doing the penguin game on Wii Sports made me smile a lot!!! well you have to do something to pass the time.

I got a lie in on Monday morning. If my normal sleep patterns were in place I would be awake at 7............. At the moment Timothy is waking me up at 7:45 most days. Sometimes that makes me smile. If he has a favourite film or TV phrase. This week it has just been MUMMY in increasing pitch until I move......

I opened up one of my Christmas presents - I mean I had unwrapped it but it was in a box. It was a wilko cake stand. Finally found time on Monday and the sender had asked for a photo of it once it was together - now it hadn't occurred to me that there was anything out of the ordinary -doh, so image my delight when I unearthed this beauty:

The equations on the top our from the first paper my husband had published while doing his PhD. Seems a shame to cover it in cakes, Guess if we put any on we will just have to eat them as soon as possible ;)

Wednesday afternoon Timothy and I were visited by a good friend (and Timothy's supporting adult - or alternative to a Godparent for those of you with strong religious persuasions). I love nothing more than a good chat about people, life and how to make my world and others better :) of course these days I generally have to compete for time and attention :)

Thursday made me smile the best though. My first day in 3 weeks to myself and with time to craft. In the morning I met my mum and we visited a well known craft store for hobbies where I collected a journal so that in the afternoon I finally got my first postcard finished for Darcy's postcard challenge. I successfully got my head wrapped around the basic background for the storyline and the preface written so to speak.  While crafting I also managed to watch a DVD that came with one of my Christmas presents from a good friends of ours Sew Wild -  the book is about mixed media techniques, creating your own fabrics and papers, free sewing and combining the two to make projects :)

So all in all a good start to 2012.  Head on over to Virginia's and join in the recollection of the good that has happened in your week  - oooh and I nearly forgot - my book is making me smile I read about it on Book Chick City - called Blood Bound, another Christmas pressie (and even better there are 3 books waiting underneath it before I need to worry about what next :)


Virginia said...

Oh what a lovely list Wendy - loving them! Good for you managing to stay up and see the new year in - other people playing on the Wii is always fun!

The cake stand is gorgeous I'm not surprised you needed to photograph it!

I didn't know that non-religious God parents were known as supporting adults so glad you explained that otherwise I would have just been a bit confused (nothing new there)

I'm still finishing Darcy's challenge from last year and can't work out whether to commit to the new challenge yet.

I too got the Sew Wild book but as yet haven't had chance to look at the DVD just drool over the book!

I hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend!


Joanna said...

Sounds like a great week! The plate stand is clearly from someone who knows you and your husband very well - I don't think I've ever seen a plate stand with mathematical equations on before! Love the little pictures on it too1

I remember well the days of "Mummeeeeeee, Mummeeeeeee etc" - it sure gets you moving when it reaches a certain pitch, doesn't it?!

Happy reading!

Sarah said...

I love that cake stand! it looks like something out of xkcd :)

Carmen said...

You'll have to let me know what the Sew Wild book is like. It's one my finger has been hovering over the 'add to wish list' button on Amazon.

The cake stand is AWESOME! How clever! You could not bother with cakes and keep it in your craft space :D Am so glad you are taking part in Rocking Fridays :D

Sam said...

What a wonderful list. The cake stand is amazing, was it made especially for you, I have never seen one like that before! The book sounds really good I will have to go and have a look at that x

SusieJ said...

Welcome Wendy!
So good to see you join us.
A fabulous list of gratefuls ....that cake stand is awesome!!
Hugs xx

Anonymous said...

Hee hee, I wondered from your Christmas day text if you hadn't got as far as the insides of the box :)
dott (still not with a blog, I have snot instead though and that's also a 4 letter word, does it count?)

Sabrina said...

I'm impressed you got your Darcy Postcard completed. My sits beside me know and I need to get it going!! See you here and there this week!