Wednesday, 26 October 2011

WOYWW back to paper and card

Well another week and the stress levels are rising (the first offer on the flat is waiting for the new electoral register release at the beginning of December, the second offer is dilly dallying back and forth and likes it but can't rent it out to who they want so disappeared for a week then thought they would buy it with a friend to rent privately but now they are going to look at a flat for £20 000 more because then they don't have to do any work on it..............and so it goes on and on will someone just buy the stupid place so I can move on with my life properly please).  In answer to your lovely queries we don't live there any more when it becomes a matter of you and your families safety over money, family wins hands down so we have been renting for 9 months and the flat is empty. So there is no need for extreme tidyness - other than the pressure from my mother.......... But there is its position as a table of indeterminate purpose and to allow our family to eat together every night it must be cleared. So after dinner tonight it now looks like this (until dinner time tomorrow night).

It is mostly top secret santy stuff but I should be safe and your not seeing any more until after the C day so there. Yes I was playing around with stuff last week for the stamper of the year comp, not because I stand a chance in hell but mainly because I had an idea and wanted to try it out (and then had to do a card to) I don't even know when short listing happens by, because assuming it goes no-where I want to give the bag to the lady who makes the stamps. Any-ways it went like this:

This is the low quality photo and not sure that it does the colours justice but it really looked beautiful and sparkly (the bag that is), I'll post how I did it another time.  Oh and lastly if you are still with me I decided to give one of you lovely folk the chance of getting your mits on the Wizard of Oz nesting boxes.  Just let me know in the comments box if you want to be included and I'll randomly select a name and let you know next Wednesday.

Now off with you to other desks it is WOYWW after all.................

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

WOYWW An indeterminate table of most determinate purpose

Good morning everyone, Hello to all the lovely new people who are following! To anyone who hasn't come through the hallowed portals (sorry for any dodgy imagery if you are here at an early hour) of our hostess Julia Dunnit then press the WOYWW link on the right hand side to enter a whole new world of time disappearing in a cloud of friends, genius and well desks really.

Life here is feeling more optimistic.  My PIF gifts are all done and distributed, we have accepted a different offer on the flat and this time it is an investor wants to complete in 28 days (come on world give us a break on this one).  Last but not least the creative juices are still flowing strong so without further ado (sorry Doone) I give you my desk today: 

The bags are a work in progress, 3 to be precise and the one that is finished is hidden behind the mug of tea......... I have been a playing with my stamps this week thought I'd have a go at a last minute entry to Craft Stamper - more later,  The cakes in the background were a joint collaboration between myself and my 3 year old he did the egg cracking, egg mixing, flour adding and the icing decoration!

Oh and for those of you who were wondering about the black nesting boxes - some dodgy photo's.......... Still on their side............ I tried emailing Di but don't know if it got though? We're off to see the wizard.........

I went for a tornado with barn, fence and rainbow (you can see some of it in the photo.........

Happy autumn day all :)

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

WOYWW - the desk of indeterminate chaos

Good Morning,

Mojo still present and correct.  It is lovely having the 2 days in the week to myself and I have been motivates to carry on with my crafting after I put T to bed. So here is the indeterminate chaos as it stands:

Then there is the sewing projects from the last week.  You will either recognise the character on the bag or wonder what on earth I have made,  I cut the pieces out using felt then used embroidery thread to fix them to the calico - my sons response 'WOW mummy that is AMAZING'!!  The other is my first ever sewing project with a zip (and a pay it forward gift for a blogging friend, she hasn't been on here of late and I don't know if she has received it yet so I hope it doesn't break the surprise......).

Lastly before I leave you to head on over to Julia's via the WOYWW link on the right - going lots of desks and creativity to explore, I finished my houses nesting boxes, I was pleased to get hold of a couple of miniature dolls boots for the chimney :)

Sorry can't get them upright you'll need to twist a little.............

Right have a good week, I'm off to link up and see what you have all been up to since last Wednesday.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

WOYWW - progress galore

Mojo present and accounted for.  Still no change on anything else from last week (but at least none of it's bad news either).  So here's my desk this week:

Blank white boxes covered and waiting the next layer - ideas drafted underneath, a second set of nesting boxes this time in black (and a pad full of graphic 45 wizard of oz paper lined up and ready). A sketch of the catbus from My Neighbour Totoro for a bag idea I have using felt.  And in the background (so below a close up) the 2 bags I made since last week - I'm pretty chuffed and the reversible one on the right I knocked up in 2 and a half hours - not bad I figured.

So in the spirit of keeping it brief have a good week and head on over to Julia's (follow the WOYWW link on the right) and wallow in desks galore, meet up for chats with friends old and new.