Wednesday, 8 December 2010


HI everyone, a quieter week this week.  This is not the time to bog people down with personal stuff but in very brief. Whitefrairs incompetent and useless, West Midlands Police fantastic won't hear a word said against them, there will be an arrest and HE will be tried in the criminal or civil courts and lastly we plan to run ASAP after New Year the flat will end up being empty for a month or 2 maybe but safety is paramount and no one can offer us any protection or methods to obtain proof.

The mini book  - thanks to anyone who stopped by and the handful who left comments :) Hello to the couple of new followers I have acquired and thanks for the support. I tried to persuade T to pick out the name but he resolutely shook his head and said NO! not even for a read of his favourite book. Anyways ONEOFF can you send me your address by email and I'll get the mini in the post to you.

My indeterminant surface is a disaster at the moment. There is some crafting stuff a foot when T will let me between lurgies and insecurity etc.
I have a couple of finishing off bits to do and the assembly of both sets of parents presents the folders of which are visisble here.  I have to take a break as it is DH birthday this weekend and there is much food to be eaten we are escaping over night and then heading for the Birmingham Christmas market on Monday :) Hope you are all having a good week wherever you are and thanks for all the supportive comments at the sucky time.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

WOYWW - 78 at least last week was no 77?

Another Wednesday and this one is the start of the Christmas Countdown.  My workdesk this week does not contain craft stuff.  If however you would like to know how to make this:

then take a look at the previous link.  If you would like to have this mini book then you just need to leave a comment and check back here next WOYWW -79.  Thank you to the 3 people who have looked in and hello (wave) to my 2 new followers, if you just looked and didn't leave a commnet then that is grand to.  Need more desks check out the link on the right.  If you have turned up here randomly you can ignore the rest for those of you who drop by regularly it's got worse.

I know a number of people who factor in Karma, the thing is if all this crap is happening to us then does that mean we deserve it?  We had to have the police out twice this weekend.  The 1st was a public order offense number 4.  The '__________' (insert suitable expletive) responsible should be arrested at some point this week, I'm afraid I have little faith in many things at the moment so it means very little to me.  I was verbally abused on my way out of my flat and into the street words beginning with F and C were used and I was repeatedly told I wasn't welcome, I'm lucky that T didn't pick up on it because he sure doesn't hear those words at home.  Having reported it all to the police on the Sunday at midday, we left to go to the supermarket to discover that both wing mirrors had been ripped from our car.  I can't tell my 2 year old son why it isn't ok to go back into his room once he has come out in the morning. Or why the piece of scum downstairs doesn't take our wheeley bin out then shouts abuse at one of us for having to take it out before 7 in the morning. Or why mummy is scared to leave the flat and if she does leave why she is frightened to go back. Or why mummy is crying a lot because he only knows crying is because you are hurt or because you can't get what you want and neither of those apply.  The police can do very little as there are never any witnesses. Whitefriars so far have chosen to do nothing, we have a meeting with them on Monday.  We are looking at the best way to try and rent out the flat so that we won't have to foot 2 lots of payments (one mortgage / one rental) because have no doubt this man wants us gone and if we just went (which I would dearly love to do) he would make sure no one else would move in. We have also sorted out a garage to lock the car in from Monday ( the car is called Humphrey and he is away being mended at the moment).  So what ever you believe in please give us a thought, I know there are people who have and will go through far worse, but my little universe is very important to me and at the moment the thing keeping me together is that it is just stuff and I've lost stuff before and that can be dealt with.  My worry is what happens if it changes from stuff to one of us because all the causes and triggers are not going away and can't so where does it end?