Saturday, 21 April 2012

Checking back in

Wow nearly 2 months. No crafting has happened, no art has happened. It hasn't been a bad time lots of nice has happened. I just ran myself down. Too much staying in and being on my own with the little fella. Far too much illness, nothing serious just colds, tonsillitis, infected blocked sinuses but worst of all no energy. Easter helped a lot, rejuggling my tutoring should help further. The next 2 months ar hard. Lots of tutoring and exam marking get some pennies in storage. My little fella starts school in September, possibly in Coventry who knows husband still searching for the next position. Need a holiday but there are no spare pennies. So here is how it will be, no room for air working wise until the jun 20th ish, there will be a family visit to Scotland and 2 birthdays to celebrate. Then some time, T still in nursey and therefore Mondays and Thursday's free. Gardening must happen or food will not grow. The world will be re-entered into. While I may not post I do promise to come and visit which I have also been bad at............... Hope you are all well and busy :)