Saturday, 18 August 2012

I made something at last

Well it seemed like a very long dry spell, I guess it is inevitable if you are so creative day in day out that suddenly you find your mojo has up and left. So how did I get mine back? 2 things, first I got a pattern I really liked, the bebe dress from Sew Serendipity, now it wasn't all plain sailing I am bigger cuddlier than even the xxl size covered but with the help of a book and a blog or 2 I managed to resize the pattern and using an old cotton bed sheet of my parents hand sewed a mock of the bodice and a sleeve :) and it worked! The next thing was I came across an ex-demo model of the sewing machine I really wanted, I am so broke now I old cry (but I do have enough material for 3 more projects so it is not all doom and gloom) and I love it, it made such a difference to my sewing it is amazing, hopefully I will get some tutoring come September and with Timothy starting school more availability.........

So what did I make? Well it is not all perfect, but I am very proud of it and I love the material, made me feel so happy to wear it the other day :)

Ok so I hope these photo's work, hedgehogs :D the second picture is just designed to show a close up of top stitching on neckline and sleeve (round the hem to) and the inverted pleat on the skirt (one on the back and one on the front). The dress is more generous than needed because while I don't mind sewing a zip I sure as hell can't be bothered trying to do one up at the back! Oh and it comes just above my knees (so I can finally crack out the 3/4 leggings!)



mammafairy said...

Wey hey, for dresses, and hedgehogs, and mammoths- what! no mammoths? time to get out and hunt for them!

Carmen said...

Wow I am well impressed! Love the fabric too, I think we should have a photo of you modelling it ;)

Oh and I will join you in that cry about being broke ;) Sucks doesn't it!

Good to see you AND mojo back :)

Twiglet said...

Well done you and if you want any sewing tips you know who to ask! x Jo