Friday, 20 July 2012

Rocking Your World Friday

Here we are again :)

Gratefully time so let's see

Making and baking with my son, grateful he is happy to do these things with me, we made a sponge cake, single layer and topped with fondant icing then drizzled with a cocoa icing mix. The theory was to imitate Mr Kipling angel slices the reality was T ate the icing and I ate the cake (he hoovers all of the Mr K cake..........) later in the week we made chocolate biscuits with white chocolate filling (heading towards Oreos) he wouldn't even touch those. Grateful therefore my husband is back and the goodies get shared.

Finally doing something! other than baking, creative. Finished the penguin pincushion I started in February.........

Although the general consensus in Coventry is that pins should not be allowed to enter it...........

The sun coming out on Tuesday for a few hours meaning we got to the park - and the slide is wide enough for adults to go down :D

That I had a few nights decent sleep and felt refreshed because the last 3 nights have been pants

For lastminute dot com for having an overnight spa break deal including bed and breakfast for £65 2 for 1, back massages booked roll on 19th August!

For the idea of a girls night out involving cocktails in Kenilworth to look forward to at some point in the future.

Right that'll do time to post, hope I have figured out how to post photo's using blogsy and check out the other Rockettes, always starting with Virginia at Celtic House, the beginning :)



Annie said...

Sounds like you've got a son that doesn't have a sweet tooth cos all your baking makes me feel hungry. It's good to look at the positives in the week isn't it? :-)
A x
ps I've just posted my Friday's smile to share with you

Sarah said...

mmmmmm home made oreos mmmmmmmmm :)

LOVE your penguin :) and the thought of you whooping down the slide at the park :)

hope you have a lovely week

Carmen said...

Mmmmm am also drooling at the thought of your sponge cake - though not the oreo thng as I have never really liked them ;)

Loving the penguin. The consensus here in Kent is the same regarding pins! I saw a great hedgehog pincushion the other day - wish I could remember where so I could show you - but he was made 'spine'less and his prickles came from the pins you stick in! So cute!

I love parks where you don't get wedged half way down the slide ;) Most embarrassing ;)

Have a great week missus! And as you are not on my FB I'll let you know what I said there - YES, YES, YES Secret Santa will definitely happen! :D (Ssssh - they are my favourite pressies to open!)

Virginia said...

The cakes sound awesome and the penguin is just so cute - far too cute to stick pins in!

And a spa break - I'm completely green with envy but given all your workload recently completely and utterly deserved!

Hope your day has improved!


misteejay said...

That penguin is far too cute to stick pins into.

How lovely to have that spa break to look forward to.

Have a lovely weekend.

Toni xx

laurie said...

such a cute penguin! a much better idea than the piles of pins i leave laying around while sewing. :-)

scrappyjen said...

I love your penguin!!! I need to make me one of those! jenx