Friday, 24 February 2012

Rocking Your World Friday

Getting back on the wagon, seems I am an all or nothing girl at the moment.So having WOYWW on Wednesday and postcarded this morning the final thing left to do this week is to celebrate the positives of the last few weeks since I last joined in with Virginia and the the Friday Rockettes:

There has been bronchitis type stuff and busy type stuff but there have been smiles through it all.

My little man continues to make me smile, I am so grateful for having a healthy and happy boy. One who communicates better and better each passing day so it makes it easier to sort out issues as they come up. This week I drew Puffer Pete the train so he could paint him and his response was 'Thank you mummy, it's wonderful. There also followed 3 carriages and some paint and some stamps. I got to paint my daffodl postcard for Darcy's challenge :)

My MIL came down for a few days from Scotland. We didn't manage to get her down here last year with one thing and another other than for a flying visit around T birthday (which made the little fella happy). I have a good relationship with my MIL so I always look forward to her visits and she helps get me back on the straight and narrow I guess because I just feel that I have had a few days of support with the mundane in life.

I finished my pouch for the zippy mouth swap. Posting commences tomorrow. Excited to see what I am getting, nothing has obviously called out as being mine and all mine but there are a fair number that I would happily give a home to.

I got more tutoring, yay, so more pennies which will hopefully mean I have more chance of getting my mitts on the electronic goodies I want to get my mitts on now that the flat is no longer sucking us dry! Hopefully a girl can start to build a reputation (as the last 2 are based in schools) and I may get requested in the future. Also got invited back to do exam marking between May and June, gets a but crazy but worth it for the pennies boost.

I got commissioned to make my first card - hurrah and they approved of the sketch I put together. I finished the card a couple of hours a go but will wait until next week to post as they won't have it in their mitts until tomorrow.

Hope you are all well I shall be over at the weekend to catch up :)


Diane-crewe said...

Im not sure if it has been more neeve wracking NAKING the mouthy stiyches bag OR waiting for mine to arrive xx

Virginia said...

big waves sweetie, glad you've managed to find some positives. The painting and comments from your little one are a beautiful reminder of what rocking posts are all about and glad you managed your postcard challenge as well!

the zippy mouth swap looks fun, I love what you've created it's beautiful! I'm sure the recipient will love it, can't wait to see what you get.

Yay to more tutoring which means more pennies and I'm sure that you'll build up a positive reputation if you're being asked to help in schools now!

A commissioned card - woo hoo - can't wait to see what you've done, I struggle with cards sooooooooooo much!

Hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead.

BadPenny said...

" Thank you mummy " makes all the tired times worth it.
Your pouch is delightful & I look forward to seeing the one you receive. Glad you had some help & company you enjoy.
Doesn't Virginia make lovely comments on our Rocking Friday posts ?
Have a lovely weekend x

Sam said...

Glad your son enjoyed his painting with his mum, so special to be able to share something you love together. Your zippy pouch looks great, I am intriqued! I love the design and the little hedgehog.
Well done on the commissioned card and the extra tutoring.
Hope you have a great week x
PS. add the waterbabies to your film list as well!!!

Sabrina said...

Sounds like things are on upswing. Good luck with work and saving those pennies. Congrats too on the commissioned card!

SusieJ said...

Such lovely positives ...little boys are soooo loving..I used to love having one on one time with mine..:)
Yay! to the extra tutoring and (a slightly more muted as I've been there, done that) yay! to the exam all means extra pennies, which is a good thing..:)
Lovely that you had a visit from your MIL too.
Hope your weekend is a good one.
Hugs xx

Joanna said...

Your little boy sounds a sweetheart :o)

It's great to have such a lovely relationship with your MIL and that you enjoy her company. Well done to her for putting you back on the straight and narrow!

I hope lots more pennies are coming your way so you can go shopping!


L00py's Craft Creations said...

Hunni, there is something special on my blog for you, if you wouldnt mind going to collect it, xxx