Friday, 3 February 2012

Rocking My World Friday

Hello Friday rockers (no need to run this time Sandee - *wave*) courtesy of the very splendid Virginia over at the Celtic House we love to gather together on a Friday and look at the good things that have happened in our week, because there is always something good, no matter how small.

Firstly a BIG thank you to you all for your lovely words. The writing the experience down and having a little weep has left me feeling a LOT better this week. I think that at some point if I can get myself to journal some of the harder experiences that will be positive too :) So my first positive was offloading and getting some relief!

The weekend was rare family time. It was my sisters birthday and we all piled over to my parents house on Saturday afternoon and to spend the night.  I had a cunning plan. Our boys (it is my dad's fault he wanted boys and go 2 girls so now Susan and I have 3 boy's between us........) are at that age when anyone's presents are up for grabs. Now I don't know about you ladies but I am still very much in the category of I love having presents to open especially surprises!  So in a cunning moved I scoured the house and found 3 animal badges that needed making, some thread, beads with letters and shapes to string on (enough letters for each of the boy's names) and a finger puppet. I wrapped them in tissue paper and just as there eye's popped out of their little heads at sister's presents. I presented them with their little gifts (these were promptly ripped open and then they sat quietly on the floor in a different room making badges and name thingies - result.  My sister opened her presents in peace! I love it when a plan works.

My second positive of the weekend was very inadvertent. When my sister came to visit with her boy's the other weekend (this is an unusually large number of visits we can go weeks without connecting and I am looking after them tonight over night to........) Anyway's my sister had asked if I had any good books and I gave her my copy of Moon Called by Patricia Briggs which I had really enjoyed. So this last week S's youngest fella had been off school with the high temperature bug that is doing the rounds and with a loss of what to do she promptly ordered off Amazon (2nd hand) the remaining books in the series, read them and then presented them to me as a bulk offering.  I have to return all but the last book (which she got a copy of for me) because she wants to read them all again - but how good is that! :D

Sunday I got home from parental's via a friends new house (this friend is someone who I grew up with from 10 - 18 then we lost touch and found each other through friends reunited, both pregnant with 2 weeks to go and our boy's were born 5 days apart. We got together 8 weeks later and have kept in contact since!). To find the lovely Sarah (hello lovely Sarah) had squirrelled a bag of fabric scraps by my front door when she had been up watching hockey at the Skydome. When she said a few scraps I hadn't expected a bag full. People are so lovely you know :)

Needless to say I have been on a happy boat all week. I took myself in hand made a list of things I needed to get done and jolly well did them. This meant I finally had sometime to craft this week and make sure that I got my postcards for Darcy's challenge caught up and completed for this week :) 

I have also started walking once a week. The new student I am tutoring lives in a part of Coventry with the most rubbish bus route ever. Generally Coventry is pretty good for buses and being able to get around. On Thursday's I am averaging an hour to an hour and a half of walking - this will not being doing me any harm.  I am hoping if dh work situation can resolve itself that I can get myself to aqua aerobics again. I have always enjoyed doing that and unfortunately the local classes are in a nearby hotel which will be expensive (in comparison to the local  sports centres which tend to be £20 a month but there isn't one in a sensible place to here........

Lastly for now is the Mouthy Stitches swap that I am taking part in on flikr. It is so much fun seeing everyone's work, although I am more of a sneaky peaks showing person. But the positive comments are so lovely (and when 2 people pinned the finished owl as a favourite that made me fair beam!). My sense of humour tends to come out in my commenting and I have already gained some new friends from it - hello *waves8 to mammafairy and Diane. It is lovely having new friends :)

Right lots of look forward to this weekend too, more about that next week! Hope you are all having a splendid time and I shall be round to see what is happening in your worlds.


Virginia said...

Wow that's some lovely rocking moments in your week. I'm glad the writing and talking proved positive therapy - sometimes it's needed to close a chapter and also allow people who are part of your life a little bit more info so that we as individuals can be more caring!

I'm loving the idea of the little presents for the boys to allow your sister some time to open her presents in peace - simply genius!

How fabulous that your sister not only enjoyed the book but got the series so you can share the same!

Loving the bag of fabrics that you received, what a fantastic friend and how awesome to have caught up in adulthood when you'd lost contact over some time, some things are definitely meant to be!

also liking the idea of a to do list and getting it done to provide some crafting time. I'm off out this morning for another hypnoslim appointment but plan on heading back and busying myself around the house as we're off to the theatre tonight and I want the house, neat and tidy ready for the weekend.

Hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead.


Annie said...

You have lots of lovely things to share today. It does us all good to think about the good things in life doesn't it? Looking forward to hearing your news about next week now :-)
A x

Diane-crewe said...

sounds like a positive week! Well done you, my grandsons can always be distracted by a "making" session that allows the grown ups to be themselves !! hope next week is a good one to xx

SusieJ said...

What a lovely, positive week. So glad that you feel better after getting things off your chest..sometimes it just needs to be done.
Loving the genius present idea :D
And how wonderful to make new friends..
Hope you have a great weekend.
Hugs xx

Joanna said...

Sounds like a good week; family birthdays (cake?!), get togethers, walking, books shared, crafting, generous friends.

Wishing you a lovely weekend too!


Carmen said...

Ooh see I disappear for a few days and stuff happens. I'm glad whatever it was has been helped by journalling.(nosiness... and concern of course *g* dictates I will now check out your other posts)

The rest of the week sounds marvellous. Ooh I do love getting a big pile of books, I bet that one made you smile HUUUUGE smiles! And how lovely of Sarah too!

Sam said...

A wonderful positive week for you! Birthdays and books...always a good week! And a wonderful bag of scraps to play with! Glad you feel better for getting things off your chest.
Have a great week x

Doone said...

oh I missed the tears, glad I caught up on the happy boat day, I'm 'behind' on posting my postcards so to speak, but yours are coming on really well, 'see' you soon,


Sarah said...

Awwww, what a lovely smiley post, I hope that you are having as fab a week this week so far as last. Glad you liked the bag-o-fabric. Pity you weren't home when I popped round though, maybe another time.