Wednesday, 8 December 2010


HI everyone, a quieter week this week.  This is not the time to bog people down with personal stuff but in very brief. Whitefrairs incompetent and useless, West Midlands Police fantastic won't hear a word said against them, there will be an arrest and HE will be tried in the criminal or civil courts and lastly we plan to run ASAP after New Year the flat will end up being empty for a month or 2 maybe but safety is paramount and no one can offer us any protection or methods to obtain proof.

The mini book  - thanks to anyone who stopped by and the handful who left comments :) Hello to the couple of new followers I have acquired and thanks for the support. I tried to persuade T to pick out the name but he resolutely shook his head and said NO! not even for a read of his favourite book. Anyways ONEOFF can you send me your address by email and I'll get the mini in the post to you.

My indeterminant surface is a disaster at the moment. There is some crafting stuff a foot when T will let me between lurgies and insecurity etc.
I have a couple of finishing off bits to do and the assembly of both sets of parents presents the folders of which are visisble here.  I have to take a break as it is DH birthday this weekend and there is much food to be eaten we are escaping over night and then heading for the Birmingham Christmas market on Monday :) Hope you are all having a good week wherever you are and thanks for all the supportive comments at the sucky time.


Doone said...

chin up - nearly there - keep on keepin on - all that stuff,

desk looks good - nice and messy and busy - enjoy the market

see you in the week,


Spyder said...

You're definitely a push back and spread crafter! like me! Have a great time at the market from me too! Happy WOYWW!

Twiglet said...

Enjoy the market - Wipso has been - she loved it!

oneoff said...

Delighted that West Mids Police have stepped up to the mark, and that they are going to court. I now have a big daft grin here; it's time you had something go right for you. Glad too that you are getting to escape and to see the Birmingham market; hope you all have a really fun time.

And thank you so much for the mini-book; it's beautiful, and I am really looking forward to seeing it up close. Will send you my details.

Bernie #81

butlersabroad said...

Sounds like a girl with a plan, so happy that the police are going to do something about your situation. Fingers crossed everything works out. Happy birthday to DH and have fun at the market.

Brenda 83

Chrissie said...

Good luck with all your finishing off... looks like one busy table!
Chrissie #7

Marjo said...

Great chaotic workspace!

Hugs, Marjo #45

jude said...

Have agreat time at the market.Glad to hear something is coming about all this ,and he will get punnished .Hope things look brighter for you in the new year.
hugs jude#6

Susan said...

Great desk...very busy!
Susan xxox #13

oneoff said...

Thank you very much for the lovely blog candy which arrived this morning. It's a beautiful book, and I am hiding all my Christmas secret lists in it! I have posted a pic (sorry - very dark) and linked to you over at my blog.

Have a great time for Mr CW's birthday and the visit to the market. Hope T is entranced by all the decorations. Bx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Wow, you may not even read this message for several days if you have a big birthday bash planned. Hope it turns out awesome.

BTW, I loved the accordion book you made for "one of a kind."

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh your desk looks so familiar and at home for me! So glad that you have a plan and exit strategy, we are willing things well for you.

Carmen said...

So glad that things will be looking up for you. Have done my share of running so know the different emotions at the mo - if you ever need to rant or whatever we are here and my email is in my profile x x x

Hope you had fun at market - am with new pc tower now so zippily catching up with people ;)

Scrapcollectr said...

Hope your time away was fun and that things go well for you. Your stuff looks like fun to dive into! I'll be back to scope out the mini book!

Doone said...

Hey there, hope this finds you and yours well and looking forward to the new year.