Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Ooooh Spellbinders

Ok just so everyone doesn't think I'm a one card only girl here is something to keep you entertained until tomorrow's big reveal. I am very happy I have booked myself on to a scrapbooking course at my local shop stampeeze - I figure that way at least I'll have a go once a month if not at any other time and I really want to make sure I get my baby boy captured while it is still fresh (ish) in the mind. So to today's card, my big cousin turns 50 this weekend so after trawling the web I came across a couple of decent phrases 'don't think of it as getting older, think of it as becoming a classic' and 'congratulations on turning 18 with 32 years of experience'. Then thanks to Eileen and her wonderful spellbinders creations I recently invested in 3 or 4 to go with my nesting owls. So out camethe bigshot and the nesting labels 2. The 5o is created by inking up your stamp with versa mark and then heating with clear embossing powder - neat effect and can be used for 'watermarking' in all kinds of backgrounds. I cut the owl out of 2 types of card so I could make the wings a different colour. The caption was just done (as I'm sure you all know) by printing first onto paper then taping my cut shape over the top and re-running through the printer - I use this a lot with acetate to. Once I have my competition entries in I'll post those up - end of the month. Looks like a boy card I hope.


Carmen said...

Oh now I am so nicking that sentiment :P

Lovely card - I'll be seeing you tomorrow!

Doone said...

ooh I'm nicking the 32 with 18 years experience -
tell us nothing we will shamelessly steal from you - hahahhha - definately a man type card - really lovely....

see you tomorrow